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Bottom-line user interface with color-coding and sound associations with each resource

DoctorMeow user interface

Smartwatch paging

Run DoctorMeow on your Pebble™ Smartwatch to receive pages and page your assistant directly from your wrist

Apple Watch

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Apple Watch?
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DoctorMeow works with the Pebble smartwatch
Android Wear

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Android Wear?
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Business intelligence

Analytic reports include Average Wait by Location, Top Page Source, and many more!

DoctorMeow analytics and business intelligence 1 DoctorMeow analytics and business intelligence 2

Alert escalation

DoctorMeow normal alert

First page starts at normal level

DoctorMeow high alert

Second page escalates to high

DoctorMeow urgent alert

Third page escalates to urgent

DoctorMeow cancel alert

Fourth page cancels the page

Alert priority

Most urgent and oldest alert is always at the top

DoctorMeow alert priority

Audible alerts

Resource-specific sound clip readily identifies the resource being paged

DoctorMeow audible alerts

Message page

Include a message with the page

DoctorMeow send a message with your page

Silent/Visual alerts

Flashing resource background color and favicon

DoctorMeow flashing favicon

Keyboard and mouse paging

Windows WebClient

Advantages of downloading a native Windows client for DoctorMeow:

  • Opens when Windows starts
  • Flashes the window when a page is received
  • Comes to the front of the screen when a page is received
  • Stays On Top